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Christmas cards of these illustrations are available.
They come in a deluxe box of 18 cards, 2 of each illustration, with envelopes.

Click on the images below to see them in greater detail.

tnail1.jpg (4092 bytes)
The Visitation
La Visitacion

tnail2.jpg (5073 bytes)
The Anunciation
La Anunciacion

tnail3.jpg (6374 bytes)
Journey To Bethlehem
El Viaje A Belen

tnail4.jpg (4092 bytes)
The Nativity
El Nacimiento

tnail5.jpg (4092 bytes)
The Magi
Los Reyes Magos De Oriente

tnail6.jpg (4092 bytes)
Escape To Egypt
La Huida A Egipto

tnail7.jpg (4092 bytes)
Child Lost And Found
El Niño Perdido Y Hallado

tnail8.jpg (4092 bytes)
Life in Nazareth
La Vida en Nazaret


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